Exploring Hakone’s Hot Springs and Beautiful Views

Greetings! Welcome to “Exploring Hakone’s Hot Springs and Beautiful Views”. In this article, we will take you on a virtual journey to Hakone, a popular day trip destination from Tokyo known for its hot springs and stunning natural landscapes. Join Shizuka as she explores the unique and delicious food offerings, visits an active volcano, takes a ride on a pirate ship, and ends her day at a traditional tea shop. Get ready to discover the mouthwatering dishes such as black onsen eggs and “power” mochi, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Hakone’s scenery. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on an unforgettable adventure through Hakone’s hot springs and picturesque views.

Exploring Hakone’s Hot Springs and Beautiful Views

Hakone is a popular day trip destination from Tokyo known for its hot springs and beautiful views. It is located in close proximity to Tokyo, making it easily accessible for tourists looking for a short getaway from the bustling city. The town of Hakone has gained a reputation for its natural hot springs, or onsen, which are believed to have healing properties. Along with the hot springs, Hakone is also famous for its stunning views of Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi, making it a picturesque destination for nature lovers.

Overview of Unique Food Offerings in Hakone

In addition to its natural beauty, Hakone is also known for its unique and delicious food offerings. One of the most famous dishes in Hakone is the black onsen egg. These eggs are cooked by boiling them in water from the hot springs, giving them a distinct black color. It is believed that eating these eggs will add years to your life, making them a popular choice among visitors.

Another unique food item in Hakone is the “power” mochi, also known as chikara mochi. This mochi is made with a special rice variety called “mochi-gome” and is known for its chewy texture. It is said to provide energy and strength, perfect for travelers who need a pick-me-up during their journey.

Aside from these specialties, Hakone also offers a variety of other delicious foods. Katsu curry with a hot spring egg, Hakone beer, black eggs, tororo (grated mountain yam), nabe (Japanese hot pot), ryūjin no tama (dragon ball dessert), kuromitsu (brown sugar sauce), and chikara mochi (power mochi) are some of the featured foods in Hakone.

Shizuka’s Adventure Begins at an Active Volcano

Shizuka’s adventure in Hakone begins with a visit to an active volcano, Owakudani. Owakudani is a unique area in Hakone known for its volcanic activity and scenic views. As Shizuka arrives at Owakudani, she is greeted by the sight of sulfur gas coming out of the mountain, creating an otherworldly atmosphere reminiscent of Jurassic Park.

Trying the Famous Black Onsen Eggs at Owakudani-eki Shokudo

At Owakudani, Shizuka visits the popular spot, Owakudani-eki shokudo, to try the famous black onsen eggs. These eggs are cooked by boiling them in water from the hot springs, turning them black. Shizuka cracks open the eggs and finds them to be perfectly boiled. While the eggs may look unusual with their black color, they taste like standard hard-boiled eggs and are a unique delicacy exclusive to Hakone.

Enjoying a Boat Ride on the Lake and a Japanese Hot Pot

After her visit to Owakudani, Shizuka takes a ride on a pirate ship on Lake Ashi, one of the iconic attractions in Hakone. The pirate ship offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lake, allowing Shizuka to admire the natural beauty of the area.

Following the boat ride, Shizuka enjoys a traditional Japanese hot pot meal. Hot pot, or nabe, is a popular dish in Japan, especially during the winter season. Shizuka’s hot pot meal in Hakone includes an assortment of healthy ingredients like mushrooms, carrots, tofu, and chicken. One unique ingredient in the dish is grated mountain yam, or tororo, which adds a creamy texture and enhances the flavors of the hot pot.

Visiting the Historic Hakone Shrine

Next on Shizuka’s itinerary is a visit to the historic Hakone Shrine. The shrine has a long history and was first founded in the year 757. Many travelers visit the shrine to pray for a safe journey, and Shizuka takes the opportunity to pray for her own safe travels. The shrine is known for its architectural beauty and is surrounded by serene natural surroundings, adding to the overall peaceful atmosphere.

Ending the Day at Amazake Chaya, a Traditional Tea Shop

To conclude her day in Hakone, Shizuka visits Amazake Chaya, a traditional tea shop. Amazake Chaya is a hidden gem tucked away in a secluded area of Hakone. The tea shop has a traditional Edo period-style atmosphere and offers a variety of hot drinks and desserts. Shizuka indulges in a hot drink and a dessert, savoring the flavors and enjoying the peaceful ambiance of Amazake Chaya.

Featured Foods in Hakone

Throughout her journey in Hakone, Shizuka encounters various featured foods that showcase the unique flavors of the region. Katsu curry with a hot spring egg is a popular dish that combines the richness of Japanese curry with the addition of a hot spring egg. Hakone beer, a local craft beer, is a refreshing beverage option for visitors to enjoy. Black eggs, tororo, nabe, ryūjin no tama, kuromitsu, and chikara mochi are all unique food items that are worth trying in Hakone, each offering its own distinct taste and experience.


Shizuka’s adventure in Hakone highlights the hot springs and beautiful views that make it a popular day trip destination from Tokyo. Along with its natural wonders, Hakone offers a wide range of unique and delicious food options, allowing visitors to truly immerse themselves in the flavors of the region. Whether it’s trying black onsen eggs, enjoying a boat ride on the lake, or savoring traditional tea and sweets at a tea shop, Hakone has something to offer for everyone. So, next time you’re in Tokyo, make sure to take a day trip to Hakone and explore its wonders.